Meet the Owner, Logan

People often ask how Agenda started. Basically, I returned from the UK after working in a JD Wetherspoons in Uxbridge where I learnt just how much I love the hospitality industry. After a few beverages one sunny day Heidi, my older sister, and I decided that we should stop talking about running our own business and do it. We cheered Coronas and it was done. Now we have been trading 7 years. Why Agenda? Why New Zealand cuisine? Firstly, we needed a name. We narrowed it down to a handful of finalists and then asked a close friend, Joline Henry (Silver Fern) to ask her team their favourite… Welcome to Agenda. The New Zealand cuisine was simple. It was inspired by years of tramping, outdoors, farm living, fishing (thanks Dad), tasting new and exciting food (thanks Mum) while growing up, and finally a massive love for everything New Zealand.¬†Before I leave you to enjoy your dining experience I will answer one more commonly asked question: How do you survive with so much competition? Probably a lot of luck and support from friends and family who I cannot thank enough. But it also comes down to Agenda’s point of difference. We are not a business run by an owner who visits once a week. I am there behind the bar pouring your vino or on the floor serving your table. I attempt to introduce myself once you have finished your meal to make sure you enjoy your Agenda experience. I even spend a a day every week working in the kitchen so I can stay in touch with the food. I hear your comments, consider them and make changes where appropriate. Finally, I surround myself with like minded staff who work hard to deliver our product with class. Thank you again for choosing Agenda. ¬† .